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There's a cheap flight offer out there waiting for you, whether you want to travel domestically, a short city break, or want to embark on a long haul journey. Here, we answer all your questions and guide you on the best way to find cheap plane tickets on eDreams.

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Use our search engine above and choose your departure city, destination city, and dates of travel and click "Search Flight". You'll find deals on cheap flights with both standard and low-cost airlines to your destination of choice. After you've entered your destination and dates, you'll be able to filter by timings, airports, or even airlines if you have a preference. Additionally, our 'Genius Deal' will appear at the top of the search. This deal shows you your route at the cheapest price possible, saving you time and money on your flight search. We do the heavy work scanning thousands of flight routes and different airlines to track down the best flight bargains.

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Keep in mind that you can save money if you choose return flights compared to one-way. In the search box, you can select "Lowest fare" for the departure and arrival times to get flights at the cheapest times. In addition, if you search in advance, you'll find the lowest prices for multiple routes. You can also book cheap last-minute flights to multiple destinations. Under the 'Best offers of the day' section, you'll be able to find our top offers for cheap flights. Scroll further down to find flight promotions to more distant locations you might be interested in. A final tip would be to book Flight+Hotel which lets you save money on accommodation during your holiday! Choosing the right time to book a cheap flight Plane tickets cost may change in a matter of minutes as they are influenced by many different factors, such as the cost of fuel, supply, and demand. In this brief period of time, the flight pricing can be modified and previous prices can rocket or decrease dramatically. As a rule of thumb, the best way to get a cheap flight has always been to anticipate the booking as much as possible so you can increase your options based on flight availability. This is also valid when booking your accommodation so you should always consider purchasing both your flight and hotel as soon as you can in order to get the cheapest fares. Be smart and save that money for any other type of onsite activity. In case you are flexible and can choose any date for your holidays, it is also important to avoid public holidays and school vacations as prices tend to be much more expensive on these dates. Another useful flight pattern to remark is that weekend flights (Fri. to Sun.) are usually more expensive than weekday flights.

According to our flight pricing data, there is another interesting fact related to cheap last-minute plane tickets. Although, generally, the more in advance the better, in some particular cases you can get a better deal the further you travel. If we analyze price against distance, in last-minute long-haul flights there is much better value for money. This means that you don't need to be reluctant to embrace your impulsive side, sometimes booking a spontaneous last-minute flight somewhere distant may result in a cheaper flight than if you'd booked the same journey well in advance.

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In the following list we have detailed the best tips and tricks for finding cheap flights in eDreams. Check out our recommendations so you can enjoy the most of your planning without sacrificing your budget.

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